Dynamic Simulation of a Hydraulic Excavator to Determine the Joint Reaction Forces of Boom, Stick, Bucket, and Driving Forces of Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Tan Nguyen Dang


To optimize the dimensions of the boom, stick of the hydraulic excavator and select the suitable hydraulic bucket, stick, and boom cylinders, the designer must determine the joint reaction forces and driving forces. These forces always alter in an excavator's working cycle. They are conventionally calculated by mathematical method. This conventional method is complicated and challenging to determine the maximum reaction forces, which can break the stick and boom. This article builds a 3D model and simulates a working cycle of the hydraulic excavator to find the reaction force diagrams of boom and stick as well as driving forces of hydraulic cylinders by using computer software PTC Creo Parametric. Based on these results, the designer easily calculates the maximum tensions of the dimensions of boom and stick in a working cycle to optimize their dimensions as well as selects suitable hydraulic cylinders.