Application of information technology to improve the management of mineral resources in Quang Ninh province - Vietnam

  • Van Chi DAO
  • Cao Khai NGUYEN
  • Tien Dung LE
  • Leilin ZHANG


The current mining operation of mineral resources in Quang
Ninh province-Vietnam is increasingly complicated. Correspondingly, the
management of the mine sites becomes more difficult. Records and
documents of minerals and mine sites are archived in different forms.
Database systems are stored dispersedly and insufficiently; in many cases
lack accuracy, topicality and have not been linked to each other
systematically. These lead to many difficulties in accessing and extracting
information for the implementation of management as well as for investors
and people with related interest. In this paper an advanced software has
been developed for the management of mineral resources and has been
applied for Quang Ninh province. The software has improved the
supervision and administration of the mining operation in the province.