Pure SiO2 extraction through aluminosilicates synthesis from incinerated solid wastes

  • Dinh Hieu Vu
  • Xuan Nam BUI
  • Hoang Bac BUI
  • Thi Thanh Nga NGO


In this study, Pure SiO2 solution extraction from incenerated
solid wastes following after aluminosilicate synthesis. The optimum
conditions for obtaining both the pure SiO2 solution and the substantial
amounts of unique residue material should be 200○C of reaction
temperature, 1:30 of sample:NaOH, 2M NaOH, and enough reaction time
over 24 hours. The optimization of the pure SiO2 extraction proposes an
effective way for recycling the abundant incinerated solid waste as well as
other waste ashes.