Choice of powered roof support FAZOS-15/31-POz for Vang Danh hard coal mine

  • Krzysztof Skrzypkowski
  • Waldemar Korzeniowski
  • Trung Nguyen Duc


The article presents the choice of a Polish powered roof support from FAMUR Group for
the conditions of one of the hard coal mines in Vietnam. In the analytical calculations, the strength
and structural parameters of the rock mass from the Vang Danh mine region were adopted. The
longwall face is 93 m long and the thickness of the coal layer is equal 3 m. For the needs of the
choice of support, the load of the longwall face determined and the capacity of the powered roof
support were determined. On the basis of the permissible roof deflection method, the condition of
excavation maintenance was characterized. In the calculations, it was assumed that the condition of
using a powered roof support type FAZOS-15/31-POz, except in addition to complying of the
working range and permissible value of longwall face inclination, is to ensure proper roof
maintenance conditions, which are determined by the index of load capacity of the roof „g”.