Comparison Of Vietnam And Poland Industrial Wastewater Regulation: A Study Of Trang Bach Coal Mine Wastewater Treatment

  • Doan Manh HA
  • Waldemar MIJAŁ
  • Daria POLEK


The research about wastewater treatment in laboratory scale of
Trang Bach coal mine in Vietnam was carried out in the year of 2016. We
concluded the content of chemical compound that needed to treat the pH,
Fe, Mn component and Turbidity & Suspended Solids (TSS) in the
wastewater to meet the requirement of the Technical Regulation for
Industrial Water of Vietnam. In this article, we suppose to compare the
Vietnam and Poland regulations for industrial wastewater based on the
result of our research about Trang Bach coal mine wastewater treatment
before and then assess the potential to exchange the scientific works about
wastewater treatment between Vietnam and Poland.