Estimation of truck-shovel dispatching in Cao Son Open-Pit coal mine and the ability in applying information technology for increasing its efficiency

  • Van Hoa PHAM
  • Xuan Nam BUI
  • Van Quyen LE
  • Thi Thu Hoa LE
  • Van Viet PHAM


With many types of trucks and shovels for hauling large volume
of waste rocks to the dump sites and coal to the storages, the truck – shovel
dispatching in Cao Son open pit coal mine is the operation which needs to
be improved. At present, the combination between trucks and shovel is
usually assigned at the beginning of shift and adjusted during the operation
at the mine. The GPS tracking system are integrated into each truck to
monitor the position in real time, but applying this information to find the
best destination to send the truck to satisfy the production requirements
and to minimize truck operating costs is still not used. This paper presents
the estimation of the information system, data, the remaining problems of
truck – shovel dispatching system, from that proposes the application of
available information technology for increasing the efficiency of this
activities at the mine.