Career Orientation of Students in the Faculty of Mining at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology

  • Thi Hoa TRUONG
  • Thuy Quynh NGUYEN
  • Thi Thanh Tra NGUYEN
  • Tat Thang NGUYEN


Career orientation has become significant in Vietnamese education recently. To students of the
Mining Faculty of Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, this issue is more important as society
changes its acceptance of mining. The research uses investigation, interview, and observation methods for
205 students to see their career orientation. The performance is on the following criteria: 1) Career choice
based on individual interests, abilities, personalities, career values; 2) Understanding of the profession in
aspects of quality and capacity, workplace, future working environment, the development trend, etc.; 3)
The suitability of the profession with individual interests, abilities, personality, and values of the
profession during the study; 4) Study plans to meet industry requirements; 5) Self-development plans in
the future career. Research results show that the majority of students have the right and appropriate career.
These students have clear and positive motivations and goals in the learning process. Only a few students
have not determined the proper position in the profession due to their emotions, which are not stable and