A Solution to Ensure Ventilation when Expanding the Area of Cam Thanh Underground Coal Mine, Ha Long Coal Company, Vietnam

  • Cao Khai NGUYEN
  • Van Thinh NGUYEN
  • Phi Hung NGUYEN
  • Van Quang NGUYEN


In the process of underground mining, the mining system changes for various reasons. One of
the main reasons is changes in the mining production plans, especially the scales and outputs. Nowadays,
coal mines in Vietnam have been expanding in width and depth, and so have the mines’ ventilation
systems. Consequently, there will be changes in the alteration of the structure of the design ventilation
system, which reduces the effectiveness of the ventilation and does not meet the main objective of mine
ventilation, directly affect the safety of the working environment in the mine. Therefore, it is necessary to
research the improvement of the ventilation system with the development and specific conditions of
underground coal mines in Vietnam, improving the efficiency of the ventilation work and assuring the
safety of the mine environment. Cam Thanh coal mine, Ha Long coal company, Vietnam, is the case study
for this research. The article considers the plan of increases the mining output by more than 1.5 times,
propose solutions to improve the ventilation system accordingly, helping the company proactively
implement the production plan, ensure the working environment's safety, and reduce the costs of mine