Research, Calculation and Proposal of Ventilation Solution for Duong Huy Coal Mine when Mining Down to -250 m Depth

  • Van Chi DAO
  • Tien Dung LE
  • Thai Tien Dung VU
  • Hong Cuong NGUYEN


At present, according to the extraction plan in the year 2020 of Duong Huy Coal Company -
Vinacomin, the mining is divided into three main zones: Central Zone extracts 06 faces; South Zone
extracts 2 faces and Northeast Zone extracts 2 faces. The designated total production of all zones is
1,880,000 tons/year. To ensure the production of each mining zone, exhaust fan stations are installed at
ventilation roadway adits with a total of 05 main fan stations. However, in the near future, to ensure and
maintain production activities, the mine is being planned and operated using 03 main fan stations. The
calculation results for the reasonable working mode of fan stations are as follows: for fan station FBCDZ-
8-№32B at level +47 m, airflow is 167.69 m3/s and air pressure is 243.74 mm H2O; for fan station 2K56-
№30 level +40 m, airflow is 123.37 m3/s and air pressure is 324.79 mm H2O; for fan station FBCDZ-8-
№32B at level +44 m, airflow is 167.69 m3/s and air pressure is 354.99 mm H2O.