Strategy in Dispatching Trucks and Shovels with Different Capacity to Increase the Operating Efficiency in Cao Son Surface Coal Mine, Vietnam

  • Van Hoa PHAM
  • Trung Chuyen TRAN
  • Hong Anh LE
  • Thi Thu Hoa LE
  • Van Viet PHAM


In surface mining operations, the operating costs of truck-shovel system constitutes 50-60% of
the total. Only a little save in the operation costs in this system will bring large profit for the mines. Due
to many investment periods, the capacity of both trucks and shovels in Cao Son surface coal mine is
different. This leads to the low efficiency and the difficulty in dispatching strategy for the mine. This
paper presents the current situation and selection of advanced dispatching strategy for increasing the
efficiency trucks and shovels at this surface coal mine. The results show the detailed match factor reflects
the state of each team of loader and trucks and should be use as the indicator for dispatching decision for
the heterogeneous truck and shovel fleet at Cao Son surface coal mine.