Circular Economy Model and the Implementation in Vietnamese Coal Mining Industry

  • Dinh Chieu LE
  • Thi Bich DONG


The circular economy is the economic model that has been applied for a long time in the
world. This model is applied at all three levels: micro (enterprise-level), intermediate (industry level,
industrial zone level), and macro-level (local level, regional level, or national level). Vietnamese Coal
Mining Industry has been having important contributions to the socio-economic development of
Vietnam. However, this industry also causes lots of issues about environmental pollution. In the context
of resource depletion, environmental pollution and the cost of exploiting and processing increases with
the deep exploiting process; the tastes of utilizing resources, minimizing environmental pollution, and
creating more value-added for this industry are inevitable requirements. Because of the tasks, applying
the circular economy model into this industry (both intermediate and micro-level) is the urgent solution
for the sustainable development of the Vietnamese Coal Mining Industry. The paper uses a combination
of research methods such as theoretical research, case study research, statistical data analysis, etc., to
propose the circular economy model for the Vietnamese Coal Mining Industry and some solutions to
deploy this model into the industry's operations towards sustainable development.