Current Status of Coal Mining and Some Highlights in the 2030 Development Plan of Coal Industry in Vietnam

  • Quynh Nga NGUYEN
  • Van Hau NGUYEN
  • Tu Phuong PHAM
  • Thi Khanh Ly CHU


Coal mining is one of the key mining industries in Vietnam. Coal is also an important fuel for
many other industries. Currently, coal mining is mainly concentrated in Quang Ninh coal basin, the
proportion of open-pit coal mining and underground mining is quite similar. However, according to
Decision 403/QD-Ttg on approving the adjustment of the Vietnam coal industry development plan up to
2020, considering the prospects by 2030, the mining output will be from 51 to 54 million tons by year
2025 and from 55 to 57 million tons by 2030. In which, the proportion of underground coal mining will
increase gradually compared with that of open-cast mining, specifically, by 2030, the proportion of the
later compared to that of the former will be only 11%. According to this plan, open-pit coal mines have
been shifting to underground mining technology, due to the increasingly deep conditions of coal seams.
The following article will analyze the current status of coal mining in Vietnam and some highlights of the
coal industry development plan to 2030, in order to provide a general picture of Vietnam’s coal industry
in the future.