Method of Air Temperature Forecast in Mechanized Longwall Workings in the Conditions of Vietnamese Mines

  • Tien Quan TRUONG
  • Rafał ŁUCZAK
  • Marek BOROWSKI


In the most recent years, the Vietnam National Coal - Mineral Industries Holding Corporation
Limited (VINACOMIN) has been dynamically developing mechanization technologies in underground
coal mines. The climatic conditions of Vietnam, as well as increasing the depth of the coal seams and the
production capacity, contribute to an air temperature increasing in mining excavations. The article
presents statistical equations enabling air temperature forecasting at the outlet of mechanized longwall
workings. The results of numerical calculations, obtained from the solutions of the adopted mathematical
descriptions, were compared with the measurement results and the statistical significance of the obtained
deviations was determined. The performed analysis allowed to assess the practical usefulness of the
adopted model for the air temperature forecasting in the workings of mechanized underground mines in
Vietnam. The presented method can be used as a tool for mining services in the fight against the climate
threat in underground excavations.