Development of Support Plan and Operation Scheme for Semimechanized Longwall Face of Coal Seam 10T, Nam Khe Tam Mine – 86 Company, Dong Bac Corporation

  • Trung Tien VU
  • Tien Dung LE
  • Tien Dung LE
  • Thai Tien Dung VU


Support plans and operation schemes of mine faces are critical technical documents in
underground coal mining management. The development and selection of a reasonable support plan and
operation scheme of the face are complicated because they involve many factors. In specific mining
conditions, developing and selecting an appropriate support plan and operation scheme will improve the
working efficiency of equipment, increase labor productivity, and ensure workers' safety. This article
researched a mining technology for the thin seams, focusing on coal seam 10T in Nam Khe Tam coal
mine, 86 Coal Company. From the analysis of geo-mining conditions, the article developed and selected
a reasonable support plan and operation scheme for the face in coal seam 10T. After being used in the
field, the support plan and operation scheme have brought the face efficiency and safety.