Determination of Land Fund for the Development of Static Road Traffic Demand in Hanoi (Vietnam)

  • Anh PHAN
  • Thi Hong Lan VO
  • Huy Duong PHAN


Determining a reasonable proportion of land fund for urban static traffic will meet the current
needs and future development of urban areas, contributing to improving the operational quality of urban
transport systems and improve the quality of life of people in urban areas [1]. Hanoi, the capital of Viet
Nam, is facing difficulties in meeting the land fund for static traffic development. In 2020, the city's land
fund meets only 38.73% of the demand for traffic system development in general, static traffic in particular
[2]. By using a regression model on the relationship between GDP per capita and demand for means of
transport in Hanoi, the article forcats the demand for urban static traffic development in Hanoi city,
demand demand for land fund for its static traffic development to 2025 and 2030. From the forecast results,
the article proposes some solutions on meeting the land fund demand for static traffic development in
order to achieve efficiency of the government's policis on static traffic development in Hanoi.