Geotechnical Properties of Soft Marine Soil at Chan May Port, Vietnam

  • Thi Nu NGUYEN
  • Thanh Duong NGUYEN
  • Truong Son BUI


Soft marine soil deposit is distributed under the sea with many special properties. This type of
soil is rarely researched in Vietnam because of the difficult geotechnical investigation under the sea level.
In this paper, the experimental laboratories were performed to investigate the geotechnical properties of
soft marine soil at Chan May port, Vietnam. The field investigation results indicate that the thickness of
soft soil varies from a few meters to more than ten meters. Soft soil has a high value of water content,
void ratio, and compressibility and a low value of shear strength. The compression index has a good
relationship with water content, liquid limit, and dry unit weight. The unit weight, shear strength, and preconsolidation
pressure increase with the increase of depth. These results show that the soil in the study
area is unfavorable for construction activities.