Identifying Correlation of Coal Seams in the Tien Hai Area, Northern Vietnam by Using Multivariate Statistic Methods

  • The Hung KHUONG
  • Phuong NGUYEN
  • Thi Cuc NGUYEN
  • Nhu Sang PHAM
  • Danh Tuyen NGUYEN


In northern Vietnam, the Tien Hai area is considered a high potential area of coal deposits. Two
hundred fifty-six geochemical coal samples of 13 cores in the Tien Hai area investigate coal seams and
coal deposits to identify the correlation of coal seams. According to the statistical method and cluster
analysis of geochemical samples, the results indicate that the Mg, V, As, Ca, Zn, Cr, Co, K, Na, Sr, Fe,
Ge, Re, U, Mo, Th, and Ga elements are good indicator elements of the major and trace elements in coal.
Most of them comply with the normal or lognormal distribution rules. Besides, the Yb, Sc, Ho, Er, Tm,
Lu, Y, Tb, Pr, Dy, and Sm elements are also good indicator elements for rare earth elements in the region.
Therefore, the selected elements are used to identify the correlation of the coal seams in the Tien Hai area.
Based on the similarity degree between studied objects, the results of grouping boreholes in coal seams
show that the correlation of coal seam TV2-11 is suitable and acceptable, the coal seams TV3-6a, TV3-
6b, and TV3-6c can be grouped into the coal seam TV3-6. These results present that the models can help
study geochemical coal samples and identify the correlation of the coal seams in the Tien Hai area.
Additionally, the statistical analysis shows a remarkable degree to determine the correlation of the coal
seams. Geochemical coal data can help to evaluate the indicator elements of the major, trace elements,
and rare earth elements in coal seams and coal rashing of adjoining and pillar rocks in the Tien Hai area,
northern Vietnam.